Conditions of Sale

1. Basis of Sale

i. The goods are sold to you on the terms contained in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 except as expressly varied by these terms.

ii. No change may be made to the contract unless it is agreed in writing signed by both parties. No person has authority to make a representation on our behalf except where it is made or confirmed in writing.

2. Orders and Specification

i. We do not provide a measuring service and whilst we shall be as helpful as possible we cannot accept any responsibility for any miscalculation based upon incorrect measurements which you provide.

ii. Due to the method of manufacture of ceramic tiles we cannot guarantee that they will not vary in pattern, colour and shade. Even within the same batch there are likely to be differences.

iii. It is essential that you check the tiles carefully before they are fixed.

iv. No claims based upon differences in pattern, colour or shade which an examination ought to have revealed, will be accepted once the tiles have been fixed.

v. We recommend that you retain a few tiles for future use as it will be very difficult to match tiles at a later date.

vi. We do not normally accept the return of tiles purchased in excess of your requirements. Where we accept return of goods as a matter of our discretion and have no statutory obligation to do so we will make a handling charge of 20% on production of the relevant sales invoice.

vii. As our range of stock changes frequently we will not consider any request to return stock more than four weeks from the date of sale.

viii. Grouts and adhesives are perishable goods with a limited shelf life. We will not accept the return of these items unless they were faulty at the time of sale.

ix. Only full boxes of tiles can be returned.

3. Collection

i. We will notify you when the goods are ready for collection or delivery as the case may be.

ii. Any dates quoted for collection or delivery are approximate only and whilst we endeavour to meet any dates given to you we do not accept liability for any delay or failure to meet any dates for reasons which are beyond our reasonable control.

iii. We recommend strongly that you do not book the services of a tiler until the tiles are in your possession. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense which you incur that arises as a result of delayed collection or delivery beyond our reasonable control.

iv. Please check immediately for any damage and that you have received the correct number of tiles. A signed delivery note is evidence of the fact that you have received the number specified in good condition.

v. Claims based on defects should be notified to us as soon as possible as it is reasonably practicable.

vi. Valid claims of defect or shortage will be refunded or replaced as appropriate.

4. Generally

i. Ownership in any goods sold does not pass to you until we have been paid in full.

ii. Nothing contained within these conditions of sale does or will affect your statutory rights.


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