ALE 005

Elevate your interior design with the captivating allure of ALE 005. Crafted with precision and creativity, this grey stone feature tile is more than just a decorative element; it’s an invitation to unleash boundless creativity. ALE 005 adds a touch of playfulness to any space, transforming it into a realm of artistic expression. Pairing seamlessly with ALE 004 & ALE 006 floor tile, these complementary pieces weave together to form a vibrant tapestry of stone-inspired artistry. Each tile in this ensemble tells its own unique story, with playful grey highlights that dance amidst the stone’s natural allure. The result is a space that transcends mere functionality, becoming a dynamic and expressive showcase of your individuality and style. With this beautiful grey stone feature tile, your interior design journey takes on new dimensions, inviting you to explore the endless possibilities of creativity.
£32.00 per m2

Number of m2:

Important:  Please measure the area to be tiled before placing an order.  Doing so will ensure that you have enough tiles and that you are not left disappointed should tiles become discontinued or out of stock.

Product Information

Height (cm): 30
Width (cm): 60
Appearance: Matt
Thickness (mm): 8.5
Tiles per sq/m: 5.5
Texture: Matt
Colour: Grey
Rectified edge: No
Suitable for under floor heating: No
Tile Material: Ceramic
Suitable to be tiled on: Wall
Tile Finish: Matt
Noticeable Variation Between Tiles? Yes

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ALE 005

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