ALE 006

Immerse yourself in tranquil elegance with ALE 006, a Grey Stone Effect Floor Tile that effortlessly infuses calming tones into your walls and floors. Its subdued hues evoke a sense of serenity, creating a peaceful atmosphere in any room. Whether it graces a bathroom, kitchen, or living area, ALE 006 enhances the ambiance with its refined aesthetic. Pair ALE 006 with complementary tiles like wall tile ALE 004 & feature tile ALE 005 to craft a sanctuary radiating relaxation and timeless charm. The seamless blend of these tiles elevates your interior’s visual appeal, while their subtle textures add depth to the design. Together, they transform your space into a haven of tranquility, enveloping every moment in elegance and sophistication. Integrating this Grey Stone Effect Floor Tile into your design opens endless possibilities for a space resonating with understated sophistication.
£32.00 per m2

Number of m2:

Important:  Please measure the area to be tiled before placing an order.  Doing so will ensure that you have enough tiles and that you are not left disappointed should tiles become discontinued or out of stock.

Product Information

Height (cm): 45
Width (cm): 45
Appearance: Matt
Thickness (mm): 8.5
Tiles per sq/m: 5
Texture: Matt
Colour: Grey
Rectified edge: No
Suitable for under floor heating: Yes
Tile Material: Porcelain
Suitable to be tiled on: Floor & Wall
Tile Finish: Matt
Noticeable Variation Between Tiles? Yes

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ALE 006

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